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(Plants) any low-growing North American succulent portulacaceous plant of the genus Claytonia
[C18: named after John Clayton (1693–1773), American botanist]
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Noun1.claytonia - genus of mainly North American succulent herbs with white or pink flowers usually in terminal racemesClaytonia - genus of mainly North American succulent herbs with white or pink flowers usually in terminal racemes
caryophylloid dicot genus - genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
family Portulacaceae, Portulacaceae, purslane family - family of usually succulent herbs; cosmopolitan in distribution especially in Americas
Carolina spring beauty, Claytonia caroliniana - similar to Claytonia virginica but having usually pink flowers; eastern North America
Clatonia lanceolata, spring beauty - small slender plant having one pair of succulent leaves at the middle of the stem and a loose raceme of white or pink or rose bowl-shaped flowers and an edible corm
Claytonia virginica, Virginia spring beauty - small cormous perennial grown for its low rosette of succulent foliage and racemes of pink-tinged white flowers; eastern North America
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The most common herbs were Arenaria serpyllifolia, Capsella bursapastoris, Cardamine hirsuta, Cichorium intybus, Claytonia virginica, Conium maculatum, Conyza canadensis, Draba verna, Erigeron annuus, Galinsoga quadriradiata, Geum canadense, Impatiens pallida, Lepidium virginicum, Medicago lupulina, Oxalis stricta, Plantago lanceolata, P.
There are a host of other leaves - mizuna, chicory, endive, claytonia, sorrel and spinach - that can all be used this way.
Claytonia, a rosetteforming plant, was a treatment to promote forgiveness.
Over the years, we've experimented with some 30 different vegetables in our winter garden, including arugula, beet greens, carrots, chard, chicory, claytonia, collards, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, lettuce, matche, mizuna, mustard greens, parsley, radicchio, radish, scallions, sorrel, spinach, tatsoi and turnips.
Claytonia The Buck Clayton Legacy Band YOU could call this a jazz tribute band but it's much more special than that.
Continue to sow salad plants such as rocket, lamb''s lettuce and claytonia.
Replant immediately in a sunny site Give hardy geraniums a haircut with shears to help them stay compact Cut lavender for drying, just before the buds open fully, and tie them in loose bunches, hanging them upside down in a well-ventilated, warm spot When the foliage of garlic starts to yellow, the bulbs should be ready for lifting Continue to sow salad plants such as rocket, lamb''s lettuce and claytonia.
Some greens we chose for the hoop house are Claytonia, mache, and arugula.
She includes humorous but useful asides, as in "A Year in the Life of My Grow Lights," and encourages the reader to look beyond the limited grocery store varietals and employ hardy counterparts like tatsoi, claytonia, and mAcentsche.
In a plot of unused land originally slated to be paved over, claytonia and cabbage pop up out of tilled soil.
MADRID, 21 March , 2009 (Frontier Star) -- Spanish Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubal Caba has made it clear the recently arrested Pakistanis have no link with terrorism and extremism, adding that, neither there is any threat of Jihadi activity in Spain Claytonia nor security has been escalated.
Pollination effectiveness of specialist and generalist visitors to a North Carolina population of Claytonia virginica.