Clear breach

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Allies agreed that the attack was a clear breach of international norms and agreements," it said.
This is a clear breach of special adviser employment terms and should have been handled by a Labour Party employee - not by a taxpayer-funded civil servant.
Ardol condemned what he described as "open detention" of the SPLM-N partisans adding that this continued attempt to humiliate and insult them represents a clear breach of the human rights bill of the Sudanese constitution.
We took legal advice on that and the advice we received was that was a clear breach of the agreement we had both entered into.
Russell told the committee: "It is a clear breach of the constitution.
The Philippines continues to call on DPRK to cease these acts of provocation, a clear breach of the UN Security Council resolutions, and constitutes a serious challenge to regional peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula and the international community,' it said.
The audit said thousands more was spent on private Brexit polls ahead of the EU referendum campaign in a clear breach of Brussels' spending rules.
The incendiary munitions that are dropping on Aleppo are indiscriminate and a clear breach of international law-the barrel-busting bombs that are falling from the skies likewise,' he said.
According to sources, in a clear breach of norms, officials, launched the land acquisition process only after starting work on the project.
So if a seller makes out they are flogging genuine items and they are actually fake, it is a clear breach of the law.
HP is gratified by the jury's verdict, which affirms what HP has always known and the evidence overwhelmingly showed," John Schultz, executive vice president and general counsel of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, said in an e-mailed statement, saying that Oracle's decision to stop the software development "was a clear breach of contract.
Ministry Spokesman Ahmed Gamal said in a statement today, "We are waiting for clarification from the Saudi government said by spokesman of its Interior Ministry in his press regarding the existence of financial contributions campaigns within the Kingdom for the benefit of the terrorist organization Daash for the sympathy of some people with them," adding, "this case represents a clear breach to the UN security Council resolutions and a violation of the principles of good neighborliness.