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Confidentiality attacks intercept confidential information sent over the wireless associations, whether sent in clear text or encrypted by Wi-Fi protocols.
It tells us that defense attorneys around Indiana routinely ignored both the clear text of the statute and the Haak decision and allowed prosecutors to make untimely amendments.
Shirley Hughes vividly evokes the atmosphere of post-war London in beautifully observed and skilfully executed watercolour and gouache illustrations that fill the pages and surround the clear text. All the details, from the contemporary clothes, the facial expressions, the endpapers with wartime adverts, the interior of Ruby's house and the bustling station to the happy, colourful VE Day party and the derelict bombsites, have an authentic feel.
The attractive format, clear text and cheerful, droll illustrations convey a substantial amount of information, with added insights provided through charming comments in speech balloons.
In addressing why lawmakers were working on the law, Abi Khalil said, "It combines everything in one law, with a clear text." He added that this could be optimized by watchdogs to track administrative decisions and activities.
Chrome will not only tell users that HTTP page is insecure, meaning, any information exchanged by them with this webpage, can be viewed in clear text by any intermediary.
The enhanced resolution on the Vive Pro's dual-OLED displays translates to clear text rendering and overall graphics.
Berri noted that in the case the biometric card was not available, there is a clear text in the election law stipulating the application of the identity card or the travel passport instead.
include passwords in clear text, payment card data, or bank account information.
Advantages include: 1) virtual silence while printing; 2) no smell or smoke; 3) does not require proprietary cassettes and no fume removal system is required; 4) no ink tanks or print heads that dry out, need maintenance, and have short expiration dates; 5) crisp, clear text, graphics, and bar codes that won't smear or rub off during or after processing; and 6) the ability to print color on white cassettes, eliminating the need for colored cassettes.
It rejected his claim that the MoA was a pre-drafted document akin to a contract of adhesion, saying this assertion 'does not override the clear text of the MoA, which he admittedly signed.'
Via proprietary MicroTokenization[R] and MicroEncryption[R] technologies, CertainSafe uniquely enables secure storage and transmission of sensitive data while leaving mundane information in clear text form.