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Background colours and details are muted so that the clear text and the bird dominate the page.
Berri noted that in the case the biometric card was not available, there is a clear text in the election law stipulating the application of the identity card or the travel passport instead.
include passwords in clear text, payment card data, or bank account information.
Advantages include: 1) virtual silence while printing; 2) no smell or smoke; 3) does not require proprietary cassettes and no fume removal system is required; 4) no ink tanks or print heads that dry out, need maintenance, and have short expiration dates; 5) crisp, clear text, graphics, and bar codes that won't smear or rub off during or after processing; and 6) the ability to print color on white cassettes, eliminating the need for colored cassettes.
Because the data is strongly encrypted or tokenized before it enters the cloud, the clear text information never leaves the premises.
With its extensive pictures and clear text, this book is a useful reference for all otolaryngologists, including head and neck surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, interventional radiologists, pediatricians and dermatologists.
The programming of coffee experiences has intuitive and clear text guidance, making the experience one of ease for users of any level of familiarity.
Large, backlit LCD displays, which use clear text messages instead of mnemonic codes, are said to make the new UPR900 process indicator and ATC990 pressure/temperature controller from Dynisco, Franklin, Mass.
Kuwaiti Constitution stipulates, in its second provision, that Islamic Shari (Law) is a main legislation resource, he said, also noting that the judicial laws do not include a clear text that prohibits women employment in the judiciary or public prosecution.
Tenor James Oxley had the least to convey solowise, but was constant in his involvement and communication skills: clear text, expressive phrasing, well-balanced and totally musical.
95) provides clear text to accompany Anna Raff's fun drawings explaining the basics of flotation and density.