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His good-nature often made him quick and clear-seeing in personal matters, and he had divined from Dorothea's glance at her husband that there was some alarm in her mind.
Nothing could destroy its exquisite oval, its well-nigh classic lines, its delicately stencilled brows, its large brown eyes, clear-seeing and calm, gloriously calm.
She was frightened, but clear-seeing, and she was startled by the disappearance of all depth of light and shadow in his eyes.
Not God alternates between the voice of an increasingly clear-seeing patient and a doctor who cannot not see the signposts of serious disease.
The clear-seeing, clear-thinking former brigadier-general has looked more like a befuddled Mr.
As stated by Loer and Schwartz, "To maintain a powerful pulse in our lives, we must learn how to rhythmically spend and renew energy." There are several tools that are helpful in maintaining that "pulse." First and foremost, it is essential to establish "clear-seeing" of our situation.