Clearance space

(Steam engine) the space inclosed in one end of the cylinder, between the valve or valves and the piston, at the beginning of a stroke; waste room. It includes the space caused by the piston's clearance and the space in ports, passageways, etc. Its volume is often expressed as a certain proportion of the volume swept by the piston in a single stroke.

See also: Clearance

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The new site will increase the existing sorting and customs clearance space of the company by fivefold in Dammam, which will facilitate the entity to enhance its customs clearance efficiency and pace considerably.
The new facility, which will enter service by January 2015, will quintuple the size of TNT Express' current sorting and customs clearance space in Dammam, allowing for a significant improvement in customs clearance efficiency and speed, said a statement.
The facility will give the company 4,800m 2 of sorting and customs clearance space within a 10,000m 2 building, compared with the 1,000m 2 space currently shared by TNT Express with other operators.
8221; The company's larger truck cap with more clearance space, the “1600 Series,” will be renamed the “Survivor.
For a blind inside the recess (as per below) remember that you will need a little clearance space either side for it to operate smoothly.
The important installation safety measures are adhered to as the Trampoline is put on a flat surface and adequate clearance space is provided around all sides with high fencing to avoid falling off the trampoline.
By combining a new belt design and reducing the nose bar diameter the chance of products becoming pinched, falling, sagging into the clearance space or accumulating and knocking together on dead plates is significantly reduced and therefore there is less wastage.
I am impressed at how CoolIT's liquid cooling apparatus has successfully implemented micro-channel technology, which was developed in AMD's Thermal laboratory in Toronto, for effective thermal management of the GPU in a single slot PCI-e form factor, thereby eliminating the need for additional clearance space," said Dr.
And in the fog of pre-breakfast consciousness over the past weeks, I've even sometimes caught myself wondering why Elaine seems to need more clearance space as we brush past each other in the kitchen or on the stairs.
At the flick of a switch the two-tonne-plus Range Rover - the biggest LR product ever _ heaved itself up a few inches to increase clearance space.
A rectangle which might once have represented a door, for example, is now an 'object' aware of its identity and its relationship with hinges, clearance space and a wall which will accommodate it.
Bed height requirements also are specified in the revised ADAAG, and if bunk beds are provided, clearance space between bunks is required.