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n.1.(Min.) A variety of albite, white and lamellar in structure.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Huge, heavy specimens with quartz crystals, cleavelandite, lepidolite and blue topaz squatted ponderously on the floor.
The mineral Cleavelandite, a variety of albite, was named after him.
Formation of secondary albite after K-feldspar is manifest as either fine-grained sacchroidal albite or euhedral platy cleavelandite. These zones of secondary albite, previously been referred to as albitic aplite (Hutchinson 1982; Hughes 1995), are locally pervasive and such areas are preferentially enriched in Ta-Nb and phosphate minerals (Kontak 2004).
Albite occurs in pockets as the platy white cleavelandite variety.
Albite is found mostly as the platy cleavelandite variety: clusters of tabular white to pale bluish crystals in the shape of open books.
The pegmatite is hosted in gray gneiss and consists of albite, cleavelandite, quartz, muscovite, beryl, schorl and columbite-tantalite.
Interesting, too, are specimens with deep violet lepidolite crystals in attractive groups, interspersed with crystals of tourmaline and rosette-shaped cleavelandite (albite) aggregates.
Gemmy lime-green fluorite forms slightly rough dodecahedral crystals to 5 cm on glittering matrix composed of snowy white crests of parallel albite ("cleavelandite") crystals shot through with sleek, striated crystals of jet-black schorl; on other pieces, translucent pink apatite-(CaF) (formerly known as fluorapatite) forms lustrous tabular crystals to 7 cm, in parallel aggregates resting lightly on the same albite/schorl matrix.
Additional new analyses (by X-ray diffraction, EMS, and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy) conducted at the Hanoi University of Science and the Resarch Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources of Vietnam indicated that the pegmatite minerals are enriched in alkali metals; this applies particularly to tourmaline (Li), albite (cleavelandite), amazonite microcline (Rb) and lepidolite (Li, Rb, Cs).
Vugs were found in the central area of the pegmatite containing pink, green and blue elbaite, clear quartz crystals, pink beryls in association with albite (variety cleavelandite) and lepidolite.
It has totally gemmy, deep green, terminated elbaite crystals to 25 cm bristling all over a cluster of giant, transparent, pale citrine quartz crystals with greenish white crested mounds of "cleavelandite" albite.
One "Tourmaline on quartz with cleavelandite" from Catherineberg, Siberia was singled out for special mention.