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n.1.(Min.) A variety of albite, white and lamellar in structure.
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Huge, heavy specimens with quartz crystals, cleavelandite, lepidolite and blue topaz squatted ponderously on the floor.
The mineral Cleavelandite, a variety of albite, was named after him.
Formation of secondary albite after K-feldspar is manifest as either fine-grained sacchroidal albite or euhedral platy cleavelandite.
Albite occurs in pockets as the platy white cleavelandite variety.
Albite is found mostly as the platy cleavelandite variety: clusters of tabular white to pale bluish crystals in the shape of open books.
The pegmatite is hosted in gray gneiss and consists of albite, cleavelandite, quartz, muscovite, beryl, schorl and columbite-tantalite.
Interesting, too, are specimens with deep violet lepidolite crystals in attractive groups, interspersed with crystals of tourmaline and rosette-shaped cleavelandite (albite) aggregates.
Many fine crystals of pezzottaite were recovered from a single pocket containing mostly smoky quartz, amazonite and cleavelandite.
Their opposite ends protruding from the quartz show numerous kaolin-filled molds once occupied by albite (cleavelandite), implying the former existence of a cleavelandite replacement body near the central portion of the pegmatite.
One pocket uncovered by Magee in late 1983 yielded a number of well-formed specimens of green elbaite and morganite, associated with cleavelandite, microcline and smoky quartz.