Cleft grafting

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(Hort.) a method of grafting in which the scion is placed in a cleft or slit in the stock or stump made by sawing off a branch, usually in such a manaer that its bark evenly joins that of the stock.

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Although there are many ways to carry out grafting in apple trees commercially, cleft grafting and budding grafting are used, the first being the most used.
torvum registered the least number of days for graft union fusion (9.10) and highest success percentage (90.67) with cleft grafting.
The author of this paper and his research team also initially studied cleft grafting mechanism for poplar saplings and associated automatic grafting devices [16].
However, modified cleft grafting generally gave better results for most of the growth parameters in both cultivars.
Grafting tools also have a heavy-duty blade and a wedge that are useful in cleft grafting. These tools aren't absolutely necessary, but are very useful to have available.
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They describe the biology of platelets and the mechanism of PRP, dental applications such as acceleration of bone regeneration and soft tissue, craniofacial applications such as reconstruction of major defects caused by tumors and trauma (including alveolar cleft grafting) and soft tissue applications including dermal fat grafts, rhytidectomy and blepharoplasty.
jaboticaba 'Sabara', by top cleft grafting; however, it should be avoided to use grafts collected in the flowering and fruiting phases.
Souza (2008) considers grafting as a way to increase fig production and table grafting with rootstock rooting after cleft grafting can be an efficient process for the rapid formation of seedlings.