Clematis tangutica

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Noun1.Clematis tangutica - Chinese clematis with serrate leaves and large yellow flowers
clematis - any of various ornamental climbing plants of the genus Clematis usually having showy flowers
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One of the best is Clematis tangutica Bill MacKenzie, which has flower buds that look like tiny yellow paper lanterns.
Clematis tangutica, with sepals like orange peel, gives extra value for money by flowering all season long.
For vines, she selected Parthenocissus tricuspidata or Boston Ivy green/burgundy foliage for under the canopy, a shade tolerant vine with beautiful leaves in autumnal red that will intertwine with Clematis 'Betty Corning' in lavender and Clematis tangutica Golden Clematis.
Clematis tangutica 'Aureolin' A dense growth of sea-green leaves and a plentiful supply of large bright yellow lantern-like flowers, which often open out to create a starry effect.
Species clematis can be counted on to push their way in anywhere - the familiar Clematis montana, smothered with white or pink blooms, Clematis tangutica, with yellow bells and fluffy seedheads, and sweet-smelling Clematis flammula, with masses of creamy flowers in summer.
If you've got a dry spot against a wall or fence, how about clematis tangutica or winter jasmine?
Clematis tangutica - nodding yellow flowers in mid to late summer followed by fluffy seed heads - it works well through trees and larger shrubs and can be cut back in spring if it gets too invasive.
To ensure you have blooms lower down the fence where you can appreciate them, plant smaller, successional flowering climbers like Clematis tangutica , which has yellow blooms followed by pretty seedheads, and the rose Warm Welcome.
They include Clematis tangutica with its lemon lantern shaped flowers and fluffy winter seed heads - and Clematis montana, which Steve says "will grow up into any old tree and look fantastic".
clematis species - the small-flowered types such as Clematis montana and the yellow-flowered Clematis tangutica - are easy to grow from seeds picked from the fluffy seedheads.
Find a spot too for the jolly yellow-flowered clematis from the far east, Clematis Tangutica and Clematis Orientalis.