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 (klē′ə-păt′rə, -pä′trə, -pā′-) 69-30 bc.
Egyptian queen (51-49 and 48-30) noted for her beauty and charisma. Octavian defeated the forces led by Cleopatra and Mark Antony at Actium (31).


(ˌkliːəˈpætrə; -ˈpɑː-)
(Animals) a yellow butterfly, Gonepteryx cleopatra, the male of which has its wings flushed with orange


(ˌkliːəˈpætrə; -ˈpɑː-)
(Biography) ?69–30 bc, queen of Egypt (51–30), renowned for her beauty: the mistress of Julius Caesar and later of Mark Antony. She killed herself with an asp to avoid capture by Octavian (Augustus)


(ˌkli əˈpæ trə, -ˈpɑ-, -ˈpeɪ-)

69–30 B.C., queen of Egypt 51–49, 48–30.
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Noun1.Cleopatra - beautiful and charismatic queen of EgyptCleopatra - beautiful and charismatic queen of Egypt; mistress of Julius Caesar and later of Mark Antony; killed herself to avoid capture by Octavian (69-30 BC)


[ˌkliːəˈpætrə] NCleopatra


nKleopatra f


[ˌkliːəˈpætrə] nCleopatra
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Quickness was ready at the call, and the two figures passed lightly along by the Meleager, towards the hall where the reclining Ariadne, then called the Cleopatra, lies in the marble voluptuousness of her beauty, the drapery folding around her with a petal-like ease and tenderness.
After performing at the Brit Awards in 1999 and receiving both Brit Award and Mobo nominations, Cleopatra were signed to Madonna's Maverick label.
Their goal is admirable (and long overdue) - but in order to be faithful to Cleopatra, as a strong Egyptian queen, they're going to need the right actor.
For this theatre season in London, she has been brought to the stage by actress Josette Simon in a production of Antony and Cleopatra by the Royal Shakespeare Company.
The question of how African readers in general and Egyptian readers in particular respond to Antony and Cleopatra was especially intriguing to the Nigerian playwright Wole Soyinka, who addressed it in the essay "Shakespeare and the Living Dramatist," originally "a lecture to the International Shakespeare Conference at Stratford-upon-Avon on 17 August 1982, and [.
This will allow the hospital to expand the scale of its operation across the country," according to the report by Cleopatra Hospital Group.
Josette Simon gives a career-defining performance as Cleopatra in the RSC's thrilling depiction of doomed love.
The IPO of Cleopatra Hospital Company was more than 28 times oversubscribed on the retail tranche offering and more than six times oversubscribed on the institutional tranche.
The connections of Daniel's Cleopatra with female authorship, patronage, and performance are strong.
at the cost of life' the ballet concentrates on Mark Antony's departure to Rome and what happens during a feast in honour of Cleopatra while he is away.
Who to-day reads Stella Fregilius, Cleopatra or The World's Desire?
Chi's play Cleopatra and Her Fools ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) was staged in 2012 by the Guoguang Opera Company ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), one of the leading Peking Opera Troupes in which Hai-Ming Wei ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), a leading actress in Taiwan, plays Cleopatra.