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a.1.Of or pertaining to the clergy; clerical; clerkily; learned.
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Meeting a delegation from a French clergical society for helping Eastern Christians, Yazigi said that the delegation's visit to Syria is a continuation of the visits of those who love Syria and all organizations which were aware of the scale of the conspiracy and terrorism targeting Syria from the beginning.
As this case study of clergical cemetery documents, physical heritage of a cemetery may well reflect the power hierarchy at the time, but it does not accurately reflect the historic reality.
The clergical cemetery at the former 'Newtown', later 'St.
the wealth of the estate of the deceased, do not operate in the context of clergical cemeteries.
Just as they pried into conversations on the street, the Inquisitors also took a fine-toothed comb to sermons issued from the pulpit as well as clergical conduct in the confessional.
The emergence of men and women in the pulpit - together - is viewed by many as a monumental step toward equality in the church, where, for many years, women assumed the roles of Sunday school teachers, secretaries, missionaries and choir directors while men handled most, if not all, of the clergical, managerial and financial chores.
It hasn't been the problem people expected it to be," the vicar Rays of the clergical duties she and her husband carry out apart.
After becoming a deacon, and taking three years of college courses and correspondence courses under a diocese-sanctioned training program for older clergical recruits, she reportedly scored higher on exams to become a priest than others with seminary degrees.