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Adj.1.client-server - relating to a computer system in which a central server supports a number of networked workstations
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Timesheets Client/Server and Timesheets Web work best with a dedicated XP, 2003 server, Vista, 2008 Server or Windows 7 server with 1 GB RAM and power backup to host the to host the Timesheets server application.
Trend Micro Announces Comprehensive Client/Server Security for Citrix XenApp
In a client/server application, there is usually a software program (the client) that runs on a user's computer that "talks" to a more powerful computer (the server) responsible for providing information.
While similar functionality is currently offered with proprietary client/server products, JPIP introduces the first fully DICOM-compliant solution.
Finnish IT security company SSH Communications Security Corporation said on Tuesday (4 April) that Finnish pharmaceutical company Tamro Corporation, owned by German pharmaceutical company PHOENIX International Beteiligungs GmbH, had selected the SSH Tectia client/server solution as the foundation for securely sharing logistics data with pharmaceutical manufacturer partners.
The following are my top-seven advantages of the more common client/server applications.
Network traffic for daily client/server communications is usually sparse, intermittent and of brief duration, and is thus relatively impervious to congestion, packet loss, latency instability, and other issues commonly inherent to IP networks.
Ideally, a single product that enables the transition from client/server to web applications would reduce cost.
"Java is a flexible language designed for the Internet, so it's the ideal platform to help companies to handle the generational shift from mainframe, to client/server to the Internet" Malloy said.
The VCP P3A COTS single-board computer provides access to large amounts of data for client/server systems.
Marsh has released two new versions of its Stars risk management information system, one designed for client/server applications and another for the Web.
The Mortgage Solution's client/server LOS product is designed to scale-up to a growing community bank or credit union's requirements for larger operations, such as growing a multi-branch environment.
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