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Government established Walnut Canyon National Monument in 1915 to conserve cliff-dwelling structures constructed between 1125 and 1250 by people of the Sinagua culture along the walls and rim of Walnut Canyon (Clark, 1968).
They were warmly welcomed by tribes in Papua New Guinea, farmers in Ethiopia, the cliff-dwelling Dogon in Mali, and the hunter-gatherer Baka Pygmies of Cameroon.
The script by Parlapanides brothers Charles and Vlas tells the story of how Theseus--demoted from Athenian king to cliff-dwelling peasant--achieved immortality via a sort of heroic martyrdom, living on (through song and over wrought Hollywood blockbusters), while vengeful Hyperion (a snarling, spitting Mickey Rourke) found a loophole through which he could rob the gods of their immortality by unleashing Titans capable of killing the otherwise invincible beings.
The old box had no front door, and because the cliff-dwelling peregrines nest on precipices, there was always the danger that the chicks would try to flee the human hands that were reaching for them and plummet to their deaths.
Hechtia lundelliorum is a cliff-dwelling species that inhabits high steep faces of limestone rocks in the canyons of the Moctuzema river basin, where it forms extensive colonies (figs.