Clifford Odets

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Noun1.Clifford Odets - United States playwright (1906-1963)
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The latest work to get this treatment (courtesy the New Yiddish Rep) is the Clifford Odets classic Awake and Sing
The screenplay was by Clifford Odets, America's chief inheritor of the dramatic tradition of Anton Chekhov, and in that one line, he epitomised the lesson of his master.
He notes that "in addition to creating fictional characters, it is our job [as theater artists] to reflect the just and unjust in the real world as they did back in the days of Clifford Odets and LeRoi Jones.
Lahr, an author and drama critic, collects profiles and reviews he wrote for The New Yorker of playwrights, productions, and directors, including Arthur Miller, August Wilson, Tony Kushner, David Mamet, Sarah Ruhl, Clifford Odets, David Rabe, Harold Pinter, Wallace Shawn, Neil LaBute, Sam Shepard, William Shakespeare, Nicholas Hytner, Ingmar Bergman, Susan Stroman, John Barton, and Arcadia, The Pajama Game, The Retreat from Moscow, Private Lives, Company, Sweeney Todd, Me, Myself & I, Oklahoma
Rainer was at one time married to the playwright Clifford Odets.
Having grown up in the Jewless, right-wing suburbs of Reagan's South, I can sum up my precollege knowledge of Clifford Odets in two words: Barton Fink.
The play was Waiting for Lefty, by Clifford Odets, and the show was so successful it gave the group the confidence to go from strength to strength .
Cain and the social realist plays of Clifford Odets, Penner concludes that the 1930s was a decade "dominated by the masculine cult of virility and the overthrow of the so-called effete genteel tradition" (23).
One gathering, to help raise money for the Theatre Union, featured Clifford Odets, Elmer Rice, Irwin Shaw, and Thomas Wolfe.
Letter exchanges in the early 1940s with David Chudnow, Paul Kohner, and the famous playwright Clifford Odets, among other influential figures in the Hollywood film industry, show how involved Eisler was with the film scene, even though he often loathed it.
A STELLAR cast including Jenny Seagrove and Birmingham's Martin Shaw tackle this Clifford Odets play which takes us into the heart of a fractured marriage.
The Country Girl Malvern Festival Theatre Decades pass between opportunities to see plays by American dramatist Clifford Odets on the West Midlands stage.