Cliffs Notes

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Cliffs′ Notes`

Trademark. a series of pamphlets with summaries and basic analyses of works of literature, intended as study aids.
[after Cliff Hillegass, founder of Cliffs Notes, Inc.]
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It could be a "Cliffs Notes" of sorts, an efficient means of digesting much of what there is to know.
Mark often gives us the Cliffs Notes version of the Gospel, an approach that challenges us to spell out the details in the ways most appropriate to our own time and place.
What kind of person says "No thanks, I don't have time for a gallery show, just give me the Cliffs Notes version, in a booth"?
Cliffs Notes version: Hogs are about to get slaughtered.
People "of a certain age" remember Cliffs Notes, a series of student study guides designed to present a summary of the salient points of an extended literary work.
For books, look for a book summary, Cliffs Notes, or Wikipedia synopsis (my favorite, because they're free!).
But Zona is a smooth ride, Dyer's words saturated in a haze of literary dope near doubling as highbrow Cliffs Notes. As he takes us through each scene, Dyer wanders off, sometimes in pages of footnotes into pausing over life's biggest contemplations, which compete with the character's trajectory.
Here's the Cliffs Notes version of why solar isn't ubiquitous:
The Cliffs Notes version: Patience runs out at the Charlton library.
As such, Wraight's book may be in more direct competition with Cliffs Notes or Spark
If you wanted to grasp all the references to literature, art, philosophy and religion in "Latini in Dark World," now playing at Very Little Theatre's Stage Left, you'd need Cliffs notes.