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Cliffs′ Notes`

Trademark. a series of pamphlets with summaries and basic analyses of works of literature, intended as study aids.
[after Cliff Hillegass, founder of Cliffs Notes, Inc.]
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There are some very good studies about what touring does to your body, and the CliffsNotes version is this: nothing good," Marea Stamper, 38, said over Skype from her hotel room in L.
But they have inevitably sacrificed detail and nuance, creating what, at nearly more than four hours sans commercials, feels a bit like the CliffsNotes version of "Childhood's End.
The CliffsNotes version: The news is not good for women.
After providing a CliffsNotes companion to X's biography in Chapter 1, Chapter 2 paints a picture of Oxford, Britain, and race that moves between 1870 and 1964.
Instead, he gave them the CliffsNotes to real greatness: "If anyone wishes to be first .
Questia, part of educational content, technology, and services company Cengage Learning, revealed on Thursday that it has added content from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's CliffsNotes to its online collection of copyrighted scholarly books, academic journals and research periodicals.
Even if you skipped that class or relied on the CliffsNotes when you were supposed to be paying attention to the literature teacher the first time around, you now have another chance to learn about those wily, tricky, jealous, fierce - and occasionally loving - gods and goddesses.
Sure, she read the CliffsNotes version instead of the actual book, but still, it's bruising her ego big-time.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the publishing giant behind such national brands as CliffsNotes, Curious George and Betty Crocker, will soon relocate to Charles Cohen's 41-story office tower at 3 Park Avenue.
Hunnam also confirmed that the CliffsNotes were exactly what they said and his immersive TV schedule was the reason behind his exit from the movie.
Here, we provide the CliffsNotes on the story in progress:
But she has used her experience and her buckle-down budgeting approach to paying off the debt and has written "Graduation Debt,'' which is part of the CliffsNotes brand.