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Cliffs′ Notes`

Trademark. a series of pamphlets with summaries and basic analyses of works of literature, intended as study aids.
[after Cliff Hillegass, founder of Cliffs Notes, Inc.]
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(91.) Private correspondence from CliffsNotes' general editor to the author upon the occasion of hiring him to write the notes for three Ayn Rand titles.
Before we get into it, a little CliffsNotes primer: Simon (played by Nick Robinson), is a high schooler who's known he's gay for a while, but hasn't come out yet.
Get to know at least the CliffsNotes version of your anatomy: The main muscles responsible for lifting your leg front and side are your psoas core muscle, your quadriceps and your tensor fasciae latae (TFL) at the top of your outer thigh.
(CliffsNotes is popular for a reason.) The LightSail literacy platform for grades K-12 ( aims to make all books entertaining and educational by capitalizing on the gamification of learning and making it easy for students to find their next curriculum-approved read.
Reyna Gobel, author of CliffsNotes: Graduation Debt, said that business assistance for employees in paying for their MBAs or helping them pay off their undergraduate loans is "becoming a trend."
To this end, ISO/IEC 27001 acts as a "CliffsNotes" I "Coles Notes" introduction to information security practice and a great way to orient to this challenging but increasingly important information domain.
"There are some very good studies about what touring does to your body, and the CliffsNotes version is this: nothing good," Marea Stamper, 38, said over Skype from her hotel room in L.A., breaking into a chuckle.
Opinions differed on how to properly package recaps--writing that provides the CliffsNotes of an already-aired episode.
The CliffsNotes leave out Clarence Avery, the lead developer; Peter Martin, the head of assembly; and Charles Sorensen, Martin's assistant.
And the ugly: The Alamo Bowl was essentially a CliffsNotes version of the campaign for those who tuned in to the finale but weren't paying attention to the ebbs and flows in the fall.
But they have inevitably sacrificed detail and nuance, creating what, at nearly more than four hours sans commercials, feels a bit like the CliffsNotes version of "Childhood's End." Nor does it help that there are so many echoes of more broadly pitched movies, especially in the opening chapter.
The CliffsNotes version: The news is not good for women.