Clinical instruction

instruction by means of clinics.

See also: Clinical

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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However, 29% (n = 5) of program directors reported clinical instruction time of 8 hours or less.
In an attempt to determine the effectiveness of both didactic and clinical instruction, the teaching learning process must be assessed to ensure that achievement expectations and curricular outcomes are met.
Examples of this type of personal patient interaction, according to ReCept, include, but are not limited to, medical management, clinical instruction, benefits investigation and financial assistance.
Ad hoc clinical instruction tends to be centered around the patient, with most of the trainee-preceptor interaction focusing on patient treatment issues rather than the trainee's educational needs.
More importantly, simulation can be substituted for up to 50% nursing students' clinical instruction (Hayden, Smiley, Alexander, Kardong-Edgren, & Jeffries, 2014).
Let us consider, for example, clinical instruction. For many of us, the difficulty of finding clinical placements for our students and competent clinical faculty to guide them is a barrier to program effectiveness and expansion that hinders our efforts to address the urgent need for more nurses, and for more well-educated nurses.
Over thirty years of teaching Respiratory Care has brought me to the unwavering belief that the quality of our product lies in the quality of our clinical instruction.
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