Clinical lecture

(Med.) a discourse upon medical topics illustrated by the exhibition and examination of living patients.

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Agatha, having finished her book by dint of extensive skipping, proceeded to study pathology from a volume of clinical lectures.
Pioneers such as Johann Joseph Scherer (1814-1869), who first used the term "clinical chemical laboratory" ("klinisch-chemischen Laboratorium"), and Max Josef von Pettenkofer (1818-1901) both often complained that clinicians do not use their chemistry laboratory services except when needed for "luxurious embellishment for a clinical lecture," as the latter once remarked.
Seguin, A Series of American Clinical Lecture I (New York, 1876), pp.
Remember, registering early for Congress can improve the odds of obtaining entry into popular ticketed events, such as the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation's Breakfast for Certified Nurses on Wednesday, April 25, at 6:30 am and the ONS Clinical Lecture on Wednesday at 12:30 pm.
Earle, "The Opium Habit: A Statistical and Clinical Lecture," Chicago Medical Review 2 (1880): 442-46 in Yesterday's Addicts, 53.
He writes clinical articles, has developed an optometry website, and delivers clinical lectures and a range of optometric educational events.
This could include regular wellness checks, nutrition workshops and clinical lectures.
I liked the nice mix of clinical lectures and hands-on breakaway sessions to refresh one's knowledge in cardiology, gynecology, and ENT.
vets, nurses and receptionists from across the group met for a bite of pizza and two clinical lectures given by two of our vets on areas of special interest they hold.
Medical Muses is particularly compelling on the subject of the theatricality of Charcot's clinical lectures and their wide appeal, which spread beyond the realm of medicine.

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