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Noun1.Bill Clinton - 42nd President of the United States (1946-)Bill Clinton - 42nd President of the United States (1946-)
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In contrast to what has occurred for Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton's favorable rating is lower among his fellow Democrats than it was in Gallup's prior measurement.
ALA 2017 will feature an amazing keynote speaker line up with Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Nye, Gregory Mone, and more.
Bukhara has played host to innumerable Heads of State and world dignitaries including Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Bryan Adams, Greg Chappel,Cherie & Tony Blair, Mick Jagger.
TED's diverse audience - CEOs, scientists, creatives, and philanthropists - is almost as extraordinary as the speakers who have included Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Bono of U2, Stephen Hawking, James Cameron, Al Gore, Sir Richard Branson and UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
Children's masterpieces to honor their global leaders: The Arts Olympiad finalists led by the ICAF Youth Board Members produced 15 murals to honor their creative global leaders: David Beckham, Jeffrey Bezos, President and First Lady Bush, former President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Gates, Herbert Hainer, Robert A.
The number of white voters who would oppose Obama on racial grounds yet cast ballots for the other leading Democratic candidates--Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, and even $400-haircut John Edwards--is vanishingly small.