Clinton administration

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Noun1.Clinton administration - the executive under President Clinton
executive - persons who administer the law
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* The Clinton administration would not have increased taxes on the middle class, or the bottom 95 percent of the population.
During his tenure, he filled the agency's top jobs with former industry colleagues, dropped more than a dozen safety proposals initiated during the Clinton administration, and cut almost 200 of the agency's 1,200 coal mine inspectors.
What seems to be forgotten is that much of North Korea's weapons program that is now causing such world concern has been built with aid provided first by the Clinton administration and then by the Bush administration.
Findings of this study show that the lowest- and middle-income households overall and those with children had lower total effective Federal tax rates during the Clinton administration than during the Reagan and G.H.
The Bush administration has taken the politically controversial step of proposing major revisions to the roadless area conservation rule adopted by the Clinton administration in 2001.
In March, a Clinton Administration environmental priority resurfaced in a Government Accounting Office (GAO) investigation requested by Sens.
nonproliferation policy," said Ashton Carter, former Assistant Defense Secretary in the Clinton Administration, at a Senate Foreign Relations hearing on February 4.
Though the Clinton administration did lose some executive privilege claims, they all involved criminal cases.
"The nomination itself is a clear departure from the way the Clinton administration handled Clark," said Steve Ralls, director of communication for the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, an advocacy group for gays and lesbians in the military.
Annual testing builds on the efforts initiated by the Clinton administration in 1994, which in turn built on ideas put forth by President George H.
Department of Education under the Clinton administration was misinterpreting the spirit of the law and was coming down too hard on students who had turned their lives around.
The issue -- whether or not California would be exempt from using ethanol in its gasoline -- began during the Clinton administration. It was carried into the Bush administration and was favorably resolved on Aug.