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n.1.the economic policies of president Bill Clinton.
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In January 1993, I organized a conference in London called "Clintonomics." Clinton had just won the presidency, while Labour had just lost its fourth successive election in May 1992.
In fact, under the surface tension, a robust, highly progressive agenda has been coming together in recent months, one with the potential to unite both the Hillary and Bernie wings of the party, to go beyond both Clintonomics and Obamanomics.
"The New Clintonomics Shifts Left." Washington Post, 15 July 2016.
(1) The term is a blend of words of Abe and economics (similar to Clintonomics and Reaganomics) that refers to a set of policies of the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
The centre left version of this was perhaps best played out in the way President Bill Clinton and his team approached economic policy--so called 'Clintonomics'.
Ralph Nader's 2.9 million votes in 2000 were both the deciding factor in the electoral contest and a stinging rebuke of Clintonomics.
Clintonomics; how Bill Clinton reengineered the Reagan revolution.
Even in domestic policy, one is hard pressed to recall the last time the Democratic Leadership Council was in the headlines, and the architects of Clintonomics are now the disgraced architects of the financial meltdown.
Sperling's book states the case for Clintonomics, the bundle of policies he helped to create during his eight years in the White House where he served as Deputy National Economic Adviser during the Clinton's first presidential term and National Economic Adviser during the second one.
But Clintonomics worked only because of circumstances that will not soon be repeated.