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 (klĭv′ē-ə, klī′vē-ə)
Any of various plants in the genus Clivia, native to southern Africa and widely cultivated as ornamentals for their cluster of reddish-orange or yellow flowers borne on a long stalk.

[After Lady Charlotte Florentia Clive (1787-1866), Duchess of Northumberland, in whose conservatory the first specimen of the genus to flower in England was grown.]


(Plants) a plant belonging to the family Amaryllidaceae
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At the moment we have a beautiful yellow clivia in full bloom, which is quite unusual.
The clivia is a handsome houseplant whose leaves are evergreen and straplike.
These include bird of paradise, clivia, daylily, gazanias, Kahili ginger, moraea iris, and Shasta daisies.
5) Greenhouse manager Rich Logee holds a clivia miniata plant.
When you look at some of the relatives of hippeastrum such as amaryllis, clivia, galanthus and narcissus, you begin to realise that they are all capable of giving us a tremendous show and we should perhaps grow more of this family in our gardens and houses.
When writing the first of this paper back on January 1, the temperature had risen to 48[degrees]F and I had moved my South African Clivia outside to help induce flowering.
Clivia miniata is not the easiest plant to have around.
Finally, even houseplants such as the clivia can be stood out of doors during more favourable conditions.
Eucomis produce long strappy leaves, similar to that of a clivia or amaryllis.
In my experience Christmas and Easter cactus, the Money tree (Crassula arborescens) and the wonderful Clivia miniata, with its handsome strap-like leaves and tangerine-orange tubular flowers, take on a new lease of life with an airing.
The uncertainty over the proposed aluminium smelter at Umm Said near Doha has left potential Western partners such as Clivia House of Britain and Pechiney of France frustrated.