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 (klĭv′ē-ə, klī′vē-ə)
Any of various plants in the genus Clivia, native to southern Africa and widely cultivated as ornamentals for their cluster of reddish-orange or yellow flowers borne on a long stalk.

[After Lady Charlotte Florentia Clive (1787-1866), Duchess of Northumberland, in whose conservatory the first specimen of the genus to flower in England was grown.]


(Plants) a plant belonging to the family Amaryllidaceae
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I wanted to rush home and cuddle my clivias, even if I had bought the mother plant years ago at a mass mechandizer for less than $20.
Clivias are not like geraniums; they bloom once and for a short period.
In the past decade Bill's horticultural interests have diverted more into begonias, clivias and breeding terete Aeridovanda orchids for cool conditions, indicative of his life-long passion for specialising in various exotic plants.
Divide and re-pot clivias and any pot-bound houseplants.
Remove seed heads from clivias and pot up into the next size pot using good houseplant compost.
For a little patience, a lot of clivias Low cost and ease are two good reasons to grow clivias from seed.
Clivias must have a period of cooler weather in winter to encourage the flower buds to form, then they look so lovely that you want to display them in a living room.
Some European plants like ivies, clivias, fatsias, pelargoniums and yuccas will tolerate changes on temperature almost down to freezing point.
Divide and repot Clivias and any other houseplants that are potbound.
The clivia, with its dark, glossy leaves and clusters of exotic trumpet-shaped flowers, once considered `old-fashioned', is gaining in popularity again, especially during the Christmas season.