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More than once, I have surprised myself by breaking into tears as I struggle with aching muscles to push a wheel hoe or tuck a transplant into impossibly cloddy soil.
A sales brochure for the McColm machine maintains that, "More plants can be obtained from three pecks (of seed) sown on well-prepared ground, and rolled after sowing, than from five pecks sown on cloddy ground.
According to Al-Qadhi, the sacks of flour are stored for a long time during which some of the flour becomes moist and cloddy, or maggot-ridden.
The reflectance spectra of the lumpy or cloddy soil and of coarse sandy soil are shown in Fig.
AU--dark-humus, 0-26/26 cm, has a sod 2 cm thick; brownish dark-grey colour; wetting, loose; structure is cloddy, light-clayey, thin-porous and porous, loose, light-sticky, there are worm-holes and coprolite.
People can be in a family without kids," explained Ryan Cloddy, Newman's replacement as the casino's general manager.
Ap: 0-28 cm, very dark grayish brown (10YR 3/2) moist and pale brown (10YR 6/3) dry, cloddy structure, loam texture, friable consistence, very few rock fragments, very few small fragments of bricks, common fine roots, clear, smooth boundary
Look at a photo, raise a glass, enjoy a laugh, shed a tear, say a thanks, murmur a praise, pull up a clump of dandelions and offer it whole, cloddy roots and all.
Clay is sticky and capable of being molded--highly plastic--when wet and very hard and cloddy when dry.
Adding sand to a clay soil, as is sometimes recommended, does not improve the soil but instead often results in a hard, cloddy product more like concrete.