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According to Al-Qadhi, the sacks of flour are stored for a long time during which some of the flour becomes moist and cloddy, or maggot-ridden.
The reflectance spectra of the lumpy or cloddy soil and of coarse sandy soil are shown in Fig.
People can be in a family without kids," explained Ryan Cloddy, Newman's replacement as the casino's general manager.
Look at a photo, raise a glass, enjoy a laugh, shed a tear, say a thanks, murmur a praise, pull up a clump of dandelions and offer it whole, cloddy roots and all.
It also illustrates application of this method using 2 different surface soils in a cultivated, but not cloddy, condition.
However, she does warn growers that the residual effect of the Stomp could be reduced if sprayed on to a cloddy seedbed, as the clods may break open if a frost or exceptionally high rainfall follows application resulting in unsprayed soil.
Then leave the surface rough and cloddy so that the freezing and thawing of winter will mellow it or plant a green manure crop that will add more fertility when tilled in next spring.
When the sun 'sees' a site, it warms the soil, keeps its moisture content tolerable, and ensures that it remains friable not becoming sticky, cloddy, heavy and wet, and difficult to cultivate.
Because the polymer only treats the thin surface soil layer, a cloddy surface or poor spray application decreases effectiveness.
The most satisfying thing is to see the returning tilth and fertility of the soil, when I can grab a handful of dark, rich crumbly soil where before the ground had been hard and cloddy.
There have been slug attacks to developing crops sown in heavy, cloddy seed beds and in fields where oilseed rape has been grown previously, but these should recover if treated, provided that the wet weather does not persist.
Soil structure 0 Soil is cloddy with big lumps, or powdery and dusty 2 Soil is lumpy and bakes hard when dry 4 Soil is crumbly and granular 5.