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I should definitely stick to wine when the rugby's on the television as there's no ice to clonk onto a surprised doggie's nose.
The only worry is people might clonk the Airbumps just to watch them bounce back.
The forward foot controls work with the typical Harley clonky six-speed gearchange; cruiser enthusiasts love a good old clonk.
Michael Buble, as he was known, exercised his vocal chords until his singing was more potent than a double dose of Valium and Librium, or a clonk on the head with a stonking big hammer.
Plus it won't roll off your bedside table and clonk you on the head.
There is another spine-shuddering clonk as his head hits the door, but his will enables him to open it with his noggin and force himself through.
The 23-year-old has a tattoo of a lobster on her foot in memory of a favourite and feisty Swansea University laboratory lobster named Clonk who was later released back into the sea.
He ran at top speed into his dad's exercise room, grabbed a weight and with an amazing CLONK he whacked the shadow hard over his head.
Seconds later I was spark out on the ground, having being toppled by some missile that had arced its way through the gathering dusk to clonk me smack on the temple.
As the car accelerates away notice if there is a thump or a clonk.
I was quite alarmed when I actually first heard the clonk of the gate locking behind us,' says Stephanie, of working on Bad Girls.
We let people get away with too much misbehavior before we clonk them.