Close communion

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communion in the Lord's supper, restricted to those who have received baptism by immersion.
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It is less personal and a more exact calling; less arduous, but also less gratifying in the lack of close communion between the artist and the medium of his art.
Yet here, day after day for an hour after nones, and for an hour before vespers, he found himself in close communion with three maidens, all young, all fair, and all therefore doubly dangerous from the monkish standpoint.
The brother of Winnie had never before felt himself in such close communion with the mystery of that man's goodness.
But if your voyage were made in a goodly ship, which bore within it all your relations and your friends, you would feel that, however uncertain your destination might still remain, you would at least have one common and simultaneous experience which would hold you to the end in the same close communion. A lonely death may be terrible, but a universal one, as painless as this would appear to be, is not, in my judgment, a matter for apprehension.
And then, in that close communion established again with Anthony, she felt--as on that night in the garden--the force of his personal fascination.
The secret of compassion is a life of close communion with God.
Building on the nuclear accord signed in Vienna last month, the Obama administration has been in close communion with Moscow and Tehran on regional moves to save the Assad regime, as the key to their next regional policies, including a united front against the Islamic State.
We urge you to draw from them the inspiration for your undertakings, in close communion with your bishops and superiors.
Boreczky finds that the purposeful life held in close communion with God resulted not only in spiritual sanctity for the individual but abundance of both love and goods in the community.
While he makes clear that he is committed to the close communion and Biblicism of his denomination, nonetheless he worked with many denominations in the struggle for racial justice and shows how evangelical ministry triumphed over denominational legalism (my wording) while a military chaplain during the Vietnam War.
The newspaper has written that, "Were the colony polled tomorrow there is little doubt that the vote in favour of a close communion with our brethren on the other side of the Rocky Mountains would be 10 to one."
It is often noted that the nature of evangelical Christianity was that each convert had a direct experience with God and each person lived in close communion with God, obviating the need to focus on creeds, prescribed prayers, and catechisms, the last of which when composed for the enslaved were often pro-slavery and racist.