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A sale in which all remaining stock is disposed of, usually at greatly reduced prices.



1. a liquidation sale.
2. a sale on merchandise that will no longer be carried by the store.
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Noun1.closeout - a sale intended to dispose of all remaining stockcloseout - a sale intended to dispose of all remaining stock
cut-rate sale, sales event, sale - an occasion (usually brief) for buying at specially reduced prices; "they held a sale to reduce their inventory"; "I got some great bargains at their annual sale"
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I've reviewed Warning Letters and close-out letters for the last several years, and find that the length of time to achieve close-out can be two plus years.
Customers frequently ask me, 'What's the next close-out beer going to be?
He began buying large overstock and close-out lots from major department stores and held the company's first fundraiser in March 2003.
The immediate result was a market that saw a large number of close-out specials.
All products at Western National Granite are first-quality, and they will beat anyone's price, including close-out prices.
Because they are a close-out chain, some merchandise may already be gone, but don't worry because new merchandise arrives daily.
As new product lines faltered and the Company continued raising prices on its "classic" UGG products, inventories swelled to extremely high levels, requiring the Company and its retailers to use previously unheard of mark-down and close-out pricing to move UGG products.
MarketMaker Auction Platform to sell REO, Bank Ordered and Developer Close-Out Properties
Specializes in buying high quality close-outs or discontinued runs to give consumers a great deal while making generous profit margins.
Supply Sailors participated in the overall planning, space close-outs, and auditing, and provided logistics expertise throughout the offload.
com, an ecommerce marketplace that is dedicated to the industry-wide problem of moving close-outs, overstocks and excess inventory.
Ensure that "as built" drawings are prepared on an ongoing basis by all trades during the construction period and issue final close-outs to consultant/owner accordingly;