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communion in the Lord's supper, restricted to those who have received baptism by immersion.
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We welcome everyone to attend, but we do have a closed communion.
Other practices, such as closed communion, the male priesthood, and clerical authoritarianism, come in for critique.
I must ask, if Jesus was deciding whether to have open or closed communion, what would he do?
They symbolize the Holy Trinity: the communion that exists within God, not a closed communion restricted to themselves alone but an open communion of love in which we are not only invited but intended to participate.
Schaelike, who arrived in the area in 1879, led the closed communion group to form a "regular" Baptist church and to adopt J.
While complete agreement on all issues did not exist, they did agree on the tenets of the kingdom of God as the aggregate of local Baptist churches, closed communion, no alien immersion, no ecumenism, and Baptist successionism, and thus, the majority of Landmarkers were painted with the same brush.
Like the LCMS stand on closed communion, "a worship book can be a testimony of unity, it does not create it.
4) When we consider how much unity is required before we are able to celebrate together, the answer yields a spectrum of responses, with some denominations favoring closed communion, others favoring open communion, and some seeking a middle position of communion under certain circumstances.
Of the denominations addressed in this essay, the Orthodox churches and some Lutheran churches practice closed communion.
we reaffirm the practice of closed communion, that is, restricting access to the Sacrament of the Altar to those who with one voice "proclaim the Lord's death until He comes" (1 Cor.
Today, closed communion is practiced only by the Finnish-speaking Baptists in Finland, but it is not found in the other Baptist churches in the Nordic countries.
Baptist Church in Norway was denied membership in the Southern District Association because it practiced open communion, while the association stood for closed communion.