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a method of closing a debate and forcing an immediate vote
Not to be confused with:
closer – a person or thing that closes: She was called in to be the closer of the deal.; nearer: She’s closer to understanding the situation.
closure – the act of closing; bringing to an end; something that closes: The arrest brought closure to the difficult case.
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A parliamentary procedure by which debate is ended and an immediate vote is taken on the matter under discussion. Also called closure.
tr.v. clo·tured, clo·tur·ing, clo·tures
To apply cloture to (a parliamentary debate).

[French clôture, from Old French closture, probably alteration of closure, closure; see closure.]
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(Parliamentary Procedure) closure in the US Senate
(Parliamentary Procedure) (tr) to end (debate) in the US Senate by cloture
[C19: from French clôture, from Old French closure]
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(ˈkloʊ tʃər)

n., v. -tured, -tur•ing. n.
1. a closing of debate in a legislative body in order to bring the question to a vote.
2. to close (a debate) by cloture.
[1870–75; < French clôture, Middle French closture < Vulgar Latin *clōstūra, alter. of Latin clōstra, claustra, pl. of claustrum barrier]
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Past participle: clotured
Gerund: cloturing

I cloture
you cloture
he/she/it clotures
we cloture
you cloture
they cloture
I clotured
you clotured
he/she/it clotured
we clotured
you clotured
they clotured
Present Continuous
I am cloturing
you are cloturing
he/she/it is cloturing
we are cloturing
you are cloturing
they are cloturing
Present Perfect
I have clotured
you have clotured
he/she/it has clotured
we have clotured
you have clotured
they have clotured
Past Continuous
I was cloturing
you were cloturing
he/she/it was cloturing
we were cloturing
you were cloturing
they were cloturing
Past Perfect
I had clotured
you had clotured
he/she/it had clotured
we had clotured
you had clotured
they had clotured
I will cloture
you will cloture
he/she/it will cloture
we will cloture
you will cloture
they will cloture
Future Perfect
I will have clotured
you will have clotured
he/she/it will have clotured
we will have clotured
you will have clotured
they will have clotured
Future Continuous
I will be cloturing
you will be cloturing
he/she/it will be cloturing
we will be cloturing
you will be cloturing
they will be cloturing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been cloturing
you have been cloturing
he/she/it has been cloturing
we have been cloturing
you have been cloturing
they have been cloturing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been cloturing
you will have been cloturing
he/she/it will have been cloturing
we will have been cloturing
you will have been cloturing
they will have been cloturing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been cloturing
you had been cloturing
he/she/it had been cloturing
we had been cloturing
you had been cloturing
they had been cloturing
I would cloture
you would cloture
he/she/it would cloture
we would cloture
you would cloture
they would cloture
Past Conditional
I would have clotured
you would have clotured
he/she/it would have clotured
we would have clotured
you would have clotured
they would have clotured
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Noun1.cloture - a rule for limiting or ending debate in a deliberative body
parliamentary law, parliamentary procedure, rules of order, order - a body of rules followed by an assembly
closure by compartment, guillotine - closure imposed on the debate of specific sections of a bill
Verb1.cloture - terminate debate by calling for a vote; "debate was closured"; "cloture the discussion"
terminate, end - bring to an end or halt; "She ended their friendship when she found out that he had once been convicted of a crime"; "The attack on Poland terminated the relatively peaceful period after WW I"
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A. N (US) (Pol) → clausura f
B. CPD cloture rule Ncontrol del tiempo de intervención (en un debate)
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Future research into area management options should include an investigation of an intermediate closure rule or a combination of closure rules.
He also provides the first major analysis of the Disablement Income Group, one of the most powerful pressure groups of the 1960s, and of the 1972 thalidomide crisis using archival material previously unavailable under the 30-year closure rule for public documents.
Under a conditionally approved closure rule, an area is open for harvest unless a predefined event occurs, which can elevate fecal coliform concentrations above acceptable levels (e.g., rainfall or river stage).
The larger context of changes in the work of the House of Commons shows in part the reason the closure rule was established.
He recalled that a similar attempt to enforce early business closure rule had met with complete failure.
Rochet develops a simple model of moral hazard in banking that justifies the need for prudential regulation and/or market discipline (3), extends this model by introducing macroeconomic shocks (4) and determine the optimal closure rule for banks in a situation of crisis, and also identifies the source of regulatory forbearance: the lack of commitment power by political authorities.
Rochet interprets bank solvency regulations as a closure rule intended to avoid shirking by insufficiently capitalized banks.
The City Council added the street closure rule to the development code five months before voting in favor of blocking off B Street.
Most bankers and regulators vigorously fought first against enactment, particularly because of the mandatory nature of some of the sanctions and the closure rule, and then after enactment for repeal of a number of important, provisions, if not the entire act.
Certain police forces have placed a closure rule of up to one hundred years on some of their records.
In other words, the optimal closure rule with market discipline moves toward the first-best closure rule, thereby reducing the ex post benefits of forbearance.