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a tailor who keeps and sells materials for the garments which he makes.

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Some people think that he may have been a mercer or cloth merchant, because later Caxton was apprenticed to one of the richest cloth merchants of London.
Caxton, a shrewd and enterprising Kentishman, was by first profession a cloth merchant, and having taken up his residence across the Channel, was appointed by the king to the important post of Governor of the English Merchants in Flanders.
Summary: New Delhi [India], June 9 (ANI): A local cloth merchant was shot dead in the national capital's Karol Bagh area on Saturday night.
RAWALPINDI -- Customs authorities foiled an attempt to smuggle two tarantulas into Pakistan and arrested a passenger (a cloth merchant) at Islamabad International Airport (IIA) on Sunday.
KARACHI -- A cloth merchant has been murdered near Baghdadi Masjid in New Karachi.
'His father, late Pa Joseph Aderinoye Kembi of the Igbore quarters in Abeokuta was a highly successful produce merchant widely known as Round-Tree as he was a representative of the Round-Tree Company of U.K in Idogo, Imeko, Ijoko and other places, while his mother, the late Madam Abigail Oyindamola Abeke (Nee Toriola) of the Lupooye family of Owu Abeokuta, was also a reputable cloth merchant popularly known as Iya Alaso.
Umar Mir, 43, a cloth merchant in downtown Srinagar, said he shuts down his shop every year.
Acklam Hall is Middlesbrough's oldest complex of buildings and dates from the late 17th century when it was owned by cloth merchant William Hustler.
A new road sign has been erected in Greg Street, but due to an unfortunate spelling error, it reads 'Gregg Street' - bringing to mind a popular bakery chain rather than the wellknown cloth merchant.
The swindlers threw some cooked Halim on one cloth merchant, Kelash Kumar when he was leaving his home for shop.
He has, however, given a loan of Rs 1.05 million to a Peshawar-based cloth merchant.