Clothes shopping

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Clothes shopping   
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From beauty essentials to clothes shopping, here are three places where you can get the best of your skincare and streetwear faves.
However, clothes shops, high street lenders and insurances agencies have faded from prime sites, as banking and clothes shopping moves online.
The 30-year-old Celtic and Scotland skipper admits that - unlike many other professional footballers - he loathes clothes shopping and designer labels.
One of the ways to make clothes shopping in Rome affordable is to visit some of the city's second-hand clothes shops.
Size 14 Christina Hendricks finds clothes shopping difficult
She said: "Normally, I would have gone clothes shopping during the week just to have a little look and see what's there, but I thought I best not because I will definitely be tempted.
I know many other people who are completely avoiding clothes shopping this year.
Clothes shopping for her children can be a nightmare for mum-of-nine Donna Davies, who has to take her five youngest shopping in shifts to kit them out for the new school term, writes LYDIA WHITFIELD.
THE average UK man spends pounds 4,021 a year watching sport - more than women spend on clothes shopping.
The pair, who met through friends and discovered a mutual love of fashion, were unhappy with the clothes shopping available in the city - and decided to do something about it themselves.
Embarrassed and by now ashamed of my weight gain, I developed a phobia of going clothes shopping. Just the thought of it brought me out in a cold sweat.
Though the worlds of architecture and fashion have a fertile and often colourful reciprocity, this goes beyond the periodic tasteful fit-out into a more serious (and big budget) exploration of the radical that aims to reinvent the simple act of clothes shopping into a singular experience--consumerism as culture or religion and shops as carefully choreographed environments or temples.