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 (klo͞o′nē, klo͞o-nē′, klü-)
A town of east-central France north-northwest of Lyon. Its abbey, the center of an influential religious order, was founded in 910.


(ˈkluːnɪ; French klyni)
(Placename) a town in E central France: reformed Benedictine order founded here in 910; important religious and cultural centre in the Middle Ages. Pop: 4835 (2006)


(ˈklu ni; Fr. klüˈni)

a town in E France, N of Lyons: ruins of a Benedictine abbey. 4335.
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Il voudrait aujourd'hui se faire Benedictin de Clugny .
In 1776, under Clugny, the expenses were 402 1/2 millions and the receipts 378 1/2, while expenses charged upon future budgets amount to 50 1/2 millions.
Mery, al escribir sobre el mercado de Clugny en Santo Domingo, a finales del siglo XVIII, en el que 15.