clumber spaniel

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Clum·ber spaniel

also clum·ber spaniel  (klŭm′bər)
A dog of a breed developed in England, having a stocky body and a silky, predominantly white coat.

[After Clumber Park, an estate in Nottinghamshire, a county of central England.]

clumber spaniel

(Breeds) a type of thickset spaniel having a broad heavy head. Often shortened to: clumber
[C19: named after Clumber, stately home of the Dukes of Newcastle where the breed was developed]


(or Clum′ber) span′iel

(ˈklʌm bər)
any of an English breed of short-legged, stocky spaniels having a thick white coat with lemon or orange markings, used esp. for retrieving game.
[1880–85; after Clumber, an estate in Nottinghamshire, England, where bred]
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Noun1.clumber spaniel - a thickset spaniel with longish silky hairclumber spaniel - a thickset spaniel with longish silky hair
spaniel - any of several breeds of small to medium-sized gun dogs with a long silky coat and long frilled ears
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We did spot a couple of plush Clumber Spaniels, who had arrived at Crufts along with their owners, Karen Deick and Malcolm Drakeford.
Short-legged but massive, with gleaming white coats, Ray and Joanne Smith's two Clumber spaniels, Woody and Sophie, are built for power and endurance, not speed.
There are traditional and familiar breeds of sheep including Zwartbles for the first time, a handsome black sheep which is extremely tame originating from Holland, goats, dairy cows, the endangered Clydesdale heavy horse and some more unfamiliar faces like the alpaca and unusual dog breeds like the Clumber Spaniels in between.