Clustered column

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(Arch.) a column which is composed, or appears to be composed, of several columns collected together.
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Herewith the supply of 600 clustered column masts is advertised with ladder iron and mast base.
Note that this Combo option does not appear in Excel 2010 or 2007, but you can still create the combo chart by selecting the Clustered Column icon in the Change Chart Type dialog box.
On the right hand side of Figure 2 is a clustered column graph that shows all of the information from the table in a single graph; an example of Phase 3: Construction of a graph using organised data.
The chart was created in the following manner: From the Insert tab, select Column in the Charts Group, then select 3-D Column, 3-D Clustered Column.
Begin by plotting all of your series as a 2-D clustered column chart.
Zale Cemetery has an imposing prophylae -- two stories of clustered columns -- leading to a walled compound of funerary chapels serving different faiths, including a plain 'Adam and Eve' chapel for atheists.
These principles were adhered to initially at Dore, where the great arches on shafted piers on the crossing and the well-proportioned ambulatory with vaults and clustered columns are especially splendid.