clutch hitter

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n.1.(Baseball) a batter who hits safely more frequently when men are on base or the team is behind in the score.
Clutching at the phantoms of the stock market.
- Bankroft.
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For the majority of the 13 innings they played last night, the Red Sox were one clutch hitter short.
By knowing what types of curveballs they may throw and having cybersecurity solutions as your clutch hitter, fans can not only stay protected, but also help strikeout cybercriminals attempts during this year s World Series.
Pedroia has not been a very good clutch hitter for a couple of years now, and it showed again in the sixth when he grounded into a double play with the bases loaded and one out to end the inning.
The subject of Kerr's next book is Sam Thompson, the nineteenth century's single-season RBI leader and premier clutch hitter.
Stargell was a clutch hitter and so dangerous in a close game and runners on base.
He proved to be a scrappy addition, clutch hitter and superb fielder (he was nominated for a 2011 Gold Glove Award).
Louis Cardinals short-stop David Eckstein is a clutch hitter who often keeps his team in the running.
Courtney, our shortstop, has been a clutch hitter and has really good fundamentals," Phenix added.
But Garciaparra, who for all his other foibles is nothing if not a clutch hitter, ended it with a no-doubt drive deep into the Dodgers' bullpen in left field.
To analysts, a clutch hitter is simply a good hitter who has performed well in magnified situations.
But we have shown that, for each of the 14 seasons in the study, a good clutch performance over a season's worth of at-bats does not reliably indicate a good clutch hitter.