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(Placename) a river in New Zealand, the longest river in South Island; rising in the Southern Alps it flows southeast to the Pacific. Length: 338 km (210 miles)


(ˈklu θə)

a river in S New Zealand, on SE South Island, flowing SE to the Pacific Ocean. ab. 200 mi. (320 km) long.
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THOSE directly affected by the Clutha tragedy - the bereaved and injured - hoped the report by accident investigators would provide them with answers.
The families of the Clutha tragedy victims have accused crash investigators of withholding the truth about why their loved ones died.
A MISTAKE in the helicopter's manual may have caused the Clutha crash, it has emerged.
2013 November 29 A Police Scotland helicopter, a Eurocopter EC135, crashes on to the roof of the Clutha pub in Glasgow at about 10.
A full 365 days after tragedy struck, the Clutha pub still looks like a disaster area.
CLUTHA disaster victims should receive full compensation now an official investigation has ended, the pub's owner said yesterday.
THOSE who still suffer the physical and mental scars of the Clutha disaster have been forced to wait nearly two years for answers.
Campaigners yesterday demanded an end to the Clutha families' wait for answers about why their loved ones died.
AIR accident investigators are expected to reveal their findings about the Clutha helicopter crash this week.