Cnemidophorus tigris

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Noun1.Cnemidophorus tigris - active lizard having a network of dusky dark markingsCnemidophorus tigris - active lizard having a network of dusky dark markings; of semiarid areas from Oregon and Idaho to Baja California
whiptail, whiptail lizard - any of numerous very agile and alert New World lizards
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The reproductive cycle of the western whiptail lizard (Cnemidophorus tigris) in southern Arizona.
Previous studies (Brooks & Mitchell, 1989; Gadsden & Palacios-Orona, 1997; Feria-Ortiz & Perez-Malvaez, 2001; Pavey et al., 2010; Siqueira et al., 2013) have found that large quantities of termites are also consumed by Sceloporus gadoviae, Cnemidophorus tigris, Uma paraphygas, Uta stansburiana, S.
Species N Speed ([m.s.sup.-1]) Tropidurus torquatus 7 1.5 [+ or -] 0.2 Liolaemus lutzae 4 1.6 [+ or -] 0.1 Calissaurus draconoides 14 4.5 [+ or -] 0.1 Uma scoparia 4 3.8 [+ or -] 0.1 Dipsosaurus dorsalis 15 3.7 [+ or -] 0.1 Cnemidophorus tigris 6 3.2 [+ or -] 0.1 Basiliscus plumifrons 11 1.3 [+ or -] 0.1 (water-running) Basiliscus ?
Cnemidophorus tigris occurs on six islands along the Pacific coast of Baja California (Grismer 1993; Grismer and Hollingsworth 1996).
Hybridization among western whiptail lizards (Cnemidophorus tigris) in southwestern New Mexico: population genetics, morphology, and ecology in three contact zones.
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Comparative autoecology of the lizard Cnemidophorus tigris in different parts of its geographic range.
Foraging behavior of Uta stansburiana and Cnemidophorus tigris in two different habitats.
The western marbled whiptail (Cnemidophorus tigris marmoratus) is a relatively large bisexual lizard that ranges from the Chihuahuan Desert of western Texas and adjacent parts of New Mexico to Chihuahua and Coahuila, Mexico (Stebbins 1985; Conant & Collins 1998).
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