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or Cnos·sus  (nŏs′əs)
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Noun1.Cnossos - an ancient town on Crete where Bronze Age culture flourished from about 2000 BC to 1400 BCCnossos - an ancient town on Crete where Bronze Age culture flourished from about 2000 BC to 1400 BC
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And while he considered this, he became aware of a swift ship upon the wine-like sea in which were many men and goodly, Cretans from Cnossos (10), the city of Minos, they who do sacrifice to the prince and announce his decrees, whatsoever Phoebus Apollo, bearer of the golden blade, speaks in answer from his laurel tree below the dells of Parnassus.
`Strangers who once dwelt about wooded Cnossos but now shall return no more each to his loved city and fair house and dear wife; here shall you keep my rich temple that is honoured by many men.
1.5); "Policrates e o primeiro grego de que temos noticia a tentar controlar o mar, exceto, e claro, por Minos de Cnossos e qualquer um que possa ter dominado o mar antes de Minos.
A razao para isso e que esses vocabulos, a partir ja de Enesidemo de Cnossos (e quica antes mesmo disso), passam a ser considerados inalienaveis ao ceticismo, embora nao exclusivamente, mesmo que seja controverso se havia o uso corrente de [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] entre Pirro e seus primeiros discipulos.
The format of the essay is a discussion among three astute men, Cleinias, from the Cretan city of Cnossos, Megillus, from Sparta, and a nameless stranger from Athens who will collectively found Magnesia, a city designed to nurture the human soul.
There is an established UK modelling procedure for the Calculation of Rail Noise (CRN), and debate about the need for a unified European method for modelling environmental noise, called CNOSSOS. The Environmental Noise Directive requires all EU member states to implement extensive noise mapping exercises.
After the period of the domination of Academic scepticism, Pyrrhonism is revived by Aenesidemus of Cnossos (probably in the first century BCE).