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cooperative [kəʊˈɒpərətɪv]
[activity, effort, enterprise] → coopératif/ive; [relationship] → coopératif/ive
(= helpful) [person] → coopératif/ive
n (= collective) → coopérative f


(kəuˈopəreit) verb
to work together. They have promised to co-operate (with us) in the planning of the exhibition.
co-opeˈration noun
1. the act of working together.
2. willingness to act or work together. I would be grateful for your co-operation.
co-ˈoperative (-tiv) adjective
a helpful and co-operative pupil.
References in classic literature ?
there is little we cannot do in a host of co-operative ventures.
What about your co-operative settlement, and your work on the estate, and your book?
To Lucas, the religious zealot, the co-operative commonwealth was the New Jerusalem, the kingdom of Heaven, which is "within you.
Now set aside the modern system of pneumatic house-cleaning, and the economies of co-operative cooking; and consider one single item, the washing of dishes.
If I was a co-operative stores and family hotel combined, I might be able to oblige you.
They're a co-operative crowd, you know, an organized business corporation, fore and aft, all hands and the cook.
This co-operative measure was not to be mentioned to Lydgate, and Mr.
If people are oriented enough on the co-operative philosophy, they are expected to fully participate and conduct themselves as ordinary co-operative men and women.
The major investment has resulted in former Wooldale Co-operative stores being revamped in Wooldale Road, Holmfirth; Holmfirth Road, New Mill, and Springwood Road, Thongsbridge.
The President was speaking at the 95th International Co-operative Day celebration held on Saturday (1st July) at the Maligapitiya Playground in Kurunegala.
The annual state of the sector report, The UK co-operative economy 2016, also finds that the cooperative sector has 6,797 independent co-operative businesses, working in everything from farming to film.
Registrar Co-operative Societies ICT Chaudhry Mohammad Ali briefed the Chief Commissioner about the computerization of department and told that the first ever modern web portal of the department had been launched with the computerized data base of required information about co-operative housing societies which had been designed to meet the requirements of modern times.

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