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tr.v. co·signed, co·sign·ing, co·signs
1. To sign (a document) jointly.
2. To endorse (another's signature), as for a loan.

co·sign′er n.
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(Law) a cosignatory
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(ˈkoʊˌsaɪ nər, koʊˈsaɪ-)

1. a cosignatory.
2. a joint signer of a negotiable instrument, esp. a promissory note.
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Noun1.cosigner - one of two or more signers of the same document (as a treaty or declaration)
signatory, signer - someone who signs and is bound by a document
2.cosigner - a signer in addition to the principal signer (to verify the authenticity of the principal signature or to provide surety)
signatory, signer - someone who signs and is bound by a document
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But Magufuli has said the deal is off if Acacia is a co-signer.
Mike McCaul, an Austin Republican and co-signer on the bill, said in a statement Thursday.
Students will be able borrow up to the cost of attendance each year, with no co-signer required, the firm said.
The main platform, which served as the startup's first product offering, connects renters who cannot secure a lease on their own with an insurance-backed co-signer.
You may need a co-signer if your credit history is lacking.
All loans under both programs require a minimum FICO of 680, and SAL loans require a co-signer.
Al-Aridi said that Idlib itself is a de-escalation area and Russia, along with Iran and Turkey, is a co-signer to that.
If a widow is simply an authorized signer, they may not be responsible for paying those bills.<br />Pulling your own credit report to see what accounts you may have been listed on is recommended for divorced couples, Gingerich said, noting individuals want to be sure they're not listed as a co-signer on a loan for their ex-spouse.<br />Individuals should also keep open at least one joint checking account for a year, Gingerich said, because it's not uncommon for small payments or residual items to come through months after a person's death.<br />Matthew Reitz is a Rochester-area freelance writer.
OKLAHOMA CITY Cleve Wheeler wonders whether a bank like Sooner State in Tuttle can legally service a business loan if the co-signer is growing medical marijuana.
Potential customers can now get up to $500 off on car loans upon introducing a co-signer. They also get a $500 discount with a friend or family referral to Hayden Agencies.
>> Student Loans--Private lenders are prohibited from accelerating student loan debt upon death or bankruptcy of a co-signer, and co-signers are released from their obligation upon the death of a student.
The applicant can apply with a co-signer to meet the minimum gross income requirements.