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n.1.Unity of action.
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2015) suggested levodopa decreases symptoms by decreasing overall coactivity of lower limb muscles allowing for an optimal movement pattern.
As illustrated in the static apnea incident described previously, half of decedents engaged in a DUBB coactivity (multiple behaviors) with intentional hyperventilation and underwater lap swimming.
On the coactivity front, the Toyota's new crossover is likely to offer ABS, EBD and dual front airbags.
ties for the sector also onsolidation and M&A and drink companie opportunities in interGrowth opportunit come in the form of coactivity.
However, the increase in excitability as a mechanism of retention does not depend on the coactivity of presynaptic and postsynaptic neurons.
He can do so because in the interim more sophisticated efforts to articulate the interrelations among overlapping modes of composition, such as coactivity, collaboration, and rivalry, have supplanted more suspect forms of analysis that deliberately exclude human agency.
My suggestion, in brief, would be, first, to rethink the conventional understanding of the relation between mind and spirit so that they invariably constitute a single nondual reality with neither being able to exist without the copresence and coactivity of the other.
recommendation might contain lack of coactivity and therefore lack of
In elderly, this phenomenon elevates antagonist muscles activity, which increases muscle coactivity (Izquicrdo et al.
CoActivity Log Co Stores statistics about accomplished scanning tasks and latest database status in a user-friendly format.
We hypothesized that the older mens' gait would have more muscle coactivity and consequently demonstrate a stiffer gait pattern during stair descent.