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n.1.(Med.) An adjuvant.
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Evidence has demonstrated, no matter the operation performed, that bariatric surgery is coadjuvant in the treatment of OSA, effectively reducing severity in up to 75% of cases.
observed that resveratrol can inhibit tyrosinase but it does not sufficiently suppress melanin production to justify its use as a lone skin-whitening agent in pharmaceutical formulations, but warrants attention as a coadjuvant for treating hyperpigmentation.
At the same time as the process of inclusion advances, an interaction between the disabled and the non-disabled becomes more frequent, the legislation assumes a coadjuvant role, and naturally individuals start to question a history of exclusion and begin to demand a society that is more aware, more balanced on the question of its differences, more fair, and more thought-out for all.
The coadjuvant effects of credit and lawsuits converge in the figure of Vholes, equal parts vampire and cannibal, who lures Richard with Jarndyce and Jarndyce's profitless documents and then binds him with debt before devouring him.
Electromagnetic stimulation as coadjuvant in the healing of diaphyseal femoral fractures: a randomized controlled trial
This article makes a reflection on the importance of the entrepreneur as a coadjuvant of rural development.
None of the included patients with advanced GBC received anyneoadjuvant or coadjuvant therapy, or radical surgery after the cholecystectomy.
If our hypothesis is correct, and a causal link between inflammation and psychosis exists, new treatment modalities may be identified to add as a coadjuvant treatment for schizophrenia," Dr.
Coadjuvant hypoglycemiant effect of Annona muricata L (guanabana) leaves ethanolic extract in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus receiving glibenclamide treatment
Partially hydrolyzed guar gum: a fiber as coadjuvant in the irritable colon syndrome.