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n.1.See Coak, a kind of tenon.
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Why did EU-PACT and COAG generate different conclusions?
We will not stand idly by while the EU abandons Spanish fruit and vegetable farmers to their fate while allowing the uncontrolled entry of Moroccan produce grown at starvation wages," COAG spokesman Andres Gongora said.
In April of this year, the Taskforce presented its draft legislation to COAG (National Law), together with an impact statement and a consultation report calling for submissions on the proposed reforms.
The COAG agreement recognises the need for complementary commitments by state and territory governments and other employing authorities to reward high-quality teaching, to create new staffing classifications for high-quality teachers, to ensure an equitable distribution of accomplished teachers and school leaders across schools and to strengthen schools as professional communities.
At its meeting of 26 March 2008, COAG agreed to establish the scheme by 1 July 2010.
1) Intergovernmental Agreement for a National Registration and Accreditation scheme for the Health Professions, COAG, 26 March 2008, pp.
Paediatric-sized COAG containers were very small and on two occasions blood clotted, probably due to inadequate mixing.
Plans for a national infrastructure audit were welcome and the BCA said that given its importance, such an audit needed to be undertaken within the next six months and completed under the auspices of COAG.
While an Australian Taxation Office determination on this issue has been deferred for six months--given COAG may consider the issue as part of its energy policy review -this deferment threatens to be no more than a stay of execution.
COAG or Certificate of Analysis Generator was developed by one of our members, Joe Pyziak, MCIC, based upon his laboratory experience.
For example, there is work being done on heavy vehicle pricing under the oversight of the Transport and Infrastructure Council of Federal, state and territory transport ministers; the next step will be to report to COAG including on steps to transition to independent heavy vehicle price regulation by 2017 18.
The PlasmaPrep[TM] centrifuge provides fast separation COAG or STAT.