coal measures

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coal measures

pl.n. Geology
1. Coal Measures A stratigraphic unit equivalent to the Pennsylvanian or Upper Carboniferous Periods.
2. Strata of the Carboniferous Period usually containing coal deposits.

Coal Measures

pl n
(Geological Science) a series of coal-bearing rocks formed in the upper Carboniferous period; the uppermost series of the Carboniferous system

coal′ meas`ures
1. coal-bearing strata.
2. (caps.) a portion of the Carboniferous System characterized by widespread coal deposits.
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Micromine has also developed a coal solution, Coal Measure, which is a fast, accurate and dynamic system for coal data management, coal data preparation, geology interpretation, gridded seam modeling, resource categorization, resource reporting, pit optimization, pit design, underground design, survey and plotting.
this requirement will be for chemostratigraphic analysis by laboratory methods principally of recovered coal measure drill cutting samples obtained from a subsidence remediation site within the northumberland coalfield.
The Te Kuha area is one of the last two areas of intact, elevated Brunner coal measure ecosystems.
Tenders are invited for Extraction of coal/ coal measure strata by deploying surface miner on hiring basis at kulda ocp, basundhara area
In order to provide valid theory support for the development of underground coal gasification and coal-bed methane mining, this paper conducted Brazilian disk tests on coal measure sandstone at 800[degrees]C temperature at different heating rates (5, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50[degrees]C/min) and observed the subsequent slow cooling.
In Chinese coal measure strata, because the coal seam, dark mud shale, and tight sandstone interbedded deposit, the geological phenomenon which several kinds of coal measures gasses jointly preserve is relatively prevalent.
The second permeability testing apparatus used in this study, was a high pressure triaxial cell, initially built for determining the relative permeability of coal measure rocks under two-phase flow conditions (Indraratna and Haque, 1999; Jasinge et al., 2011; Perera et al., 2011).
Mud was torn from the bed of the Old Man River and deposited among the boulders.(17) The surface of the displaced material was formed by boulders but there were no coal measure rocks among them, again suggesting that the mine itself was not involved in the slide.
The Atthey collection of coal measure fishes and amphibians is one of the most important fossil collections in the Great North Museum.
During MINExpo last September, Micromine introduced Coal Measure, a "dynamic and integrated software solution," according to the company for coal data management and coal data processing with 3-D seam modeling, resource categorization, resource reporting, pit optimization, pit design and scheduling.
The ecology of Coal Measure floras from northern Britain.
Historical regional seismic lines have been investigated and they indicate syncline structures present in both Yellow Jacket and Karura that have the potential to preserve the Permian coal measures of the Betts Creek Beds east of the known sub crop.