Coal plant

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(Geol.) one of the remains or impressions of plants found in the strata of the coal formation.

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Luminant Energy phased out operations at its Big Brown coal plant in Freestone County today, ceasing electricity production at the nations largest source of sulfur dioxide in 2016 and one of the nations largest sources of mercury.
An anti-coal group on Tuesday asked the Court of Appeals to stop the construction activities of a coal plant which will cause aviation hazard and negative effect to the environment.
Kenya environment minister Prof Judi Wakhungu declined to comment on the planned Lamu Coal plant.
subsidiary was able to do that, in part, by closing its 341-MW Eagle Valley coal plant near Martinsville, Indiana, and converting its 700-MW Harding Street coal plant in downtown Indianapolis to natural gas last year.
Replying to a question, he said the government is working actively on imported coal to produce electricity at the Sahiwal Coal plant and Port Qasim projects as locally coal extraction and its mining is a difficult process.
However, the 439-megawatt coal plant at Merrimack Station and the two coal/oil and one wood-burning plant at Schiller Station (150 megawatts) present problems.
7 billion, the Texas project would be the most advanced coal plant ever built.
The leased RC facility is reportedly located at a coal plant that has historically burned more than 6m tons of coal per year.
The new plant uses state-of-the-art technology and air quality controls that result in significantly lower emissions than those of the coal plant it replaces.
42 is the White Bluff coal plant in Redfield (Jefferson County), and No.
The Ex-Im Bank voted against funding the new coal plant in Vietnam.
Plans to build a new Gulf Coast power plant called White Stallion have fizzled, marking a victory for environmental advocates and - for now, at least - the demise of new coal plant projects in Texas.