Coal plant

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(Geol.) one of the remains or impressions of plants found in the strata of the coal formation.

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Yesterday the Government Spokesman Col Cyrus Oguna defended the planned 1050MW Lamu coal plant (see P25).
(ACR) sees better prospects this year on the back of additional capacity from its Sarangani coal plant and contributions from its diesel plants under contracts.
The 99-year-old was offered money to move as authorities hoovered up land for a planned $2.6 billion Japanese-funded coal plant in the remote Van Phong Bay she has called home since birth.
The Oklahoma Sierra Club said adding a coal plant to OG&E's fleet of generation is a "radical approach" at a time when utilities are trying to shed their coal assets.
Asked about the harm that coal plant emission do people and the environment, Wheeler responded, "Having cheap electricity helps human health."
Other coal plants have been announced, permitted, operated or are currently being built around the Philippines sparking community opposition: A pristine village in Limay, Bataan, sits near two coal plants; Two new coal plants will be built close to an intact rainforest in Luna, La Union; A 1,200-MW coal plant is being built in Atimonan, Quezon, in Barangay Villa Ibaba, a community facing Lopez Bay, which leads out to the Pacific Ocean; and Catholic bishops from Bacolod, Dumaguete, Kabankalan and San Carlos recently condemned proposals to build coal plants in their areas, despite a proposed ordinance disallowing the exploration, establishment and operation of coal projects in Negros Occidental.
He says in order for all that to be achieved, there is need for the government to embrace clean energy production and do away with the likes of the coal plant and any other projects, which are hazardous to the environment and human health.
Replying to a question, he said the government is working actively on imported coal to produce electricity at the Sahiwal Coal plant and Port Qasim projects as locally coal extraction and its mining is a difficult process.
However, the 439-megawatt coal plant at Merrimack Station and the two coal/oil and one wood-burning plant at Schiller Station (150 megawatts) present problems.
Projected to cost more than $1.7 billion, the Texas project would be the most advanced coal plant ever built.