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a.1.Pertaining to, or resembling, coal; containing coal; of the nature of coal.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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At least, Mr John Rokesmith was on the pier looking out, about a couple of hours before the coaly (but to him gold-dusty) little steamboat got her steam up in London.
Nearer, I distin- guished the green slime of ditches mixing with the pale drab of dried clay and shiny, coaly patches.
Cardiff was on the verge of greatness, a coaly Klondyke on its way to becoming the World's Greatest Coal Port.
Because the observed trend leads towards higher Mch/Tol and Ch/B ratios, increasing content of coaly facies in source rock can be ruled out (Figure 6).
Now restored and a listed monument, they form reputedly the largest wooden structure in Europe and a reminder of the busy days of the 'Coaly Tyne'.
There's nivor a lad like my lad drives te the staithes on Tyne, He's coaly black on workdays, but on holidays he's fine.
coaly trees in the section", an extraordinary act of perseverance, especially given that he only "found structure in two of them" (Dawson 1853, p.
The 1887 painting Under the Coaly <B Tyne, by J Hodgson Campbell, in the Mining Institute, Newcastle, portraying a miner at the coal face of what is believed to be Redheugh Colliery
3) is brown in color; the clayey layers are often rich in plant remains (coaly particles).
These grey sandstones, containing fossils of the clubmoss root Stigmaria, are low-angle cross-stratified or parallel laminated, and overlie >0.5m of dark grey, often coaly mudstone.