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n. pl.1.(Naut.) Raised pieces of wood of iron around a hatchway, skylight, or other opening in the deck, to prevent water from running bellow; esp. the fore-and-aft pieces of a hatchway frame as distinguished from the transverse head ledges.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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One looks down over the coamings three hundred feet to the despatching-caisson whence voices boom upward.
The cargo chains groaned in the gins, clinked on coamings, rattled over the side; and the whole ship quivered, with her long gray flanks smoking in wreaths of steam.
"For, observe, Marlow," he said, making at me very round eyes which contrasted funnily with the austere touch of grey on his temples, "observe, my dear fellow, that everything depended on the men who cleared up the poop in the evening leaving that coil of rope on the deck, and on the topsail-tie carrying away in a most incomprehensible and surprising manner earlier in the day, and the end of the chain whipping round the coaming and shivering to bits the coloured glass- pane at the end of the skylight.
This next generation cargo hold coating is specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions experienced by cargo holds, hatch covers and hatch coamings of bulk carriers.
Sail controls are all aft with a centralised mainsheet Harken winch and a pair of other winches on the coamings beside the outboard located helms, which have stylish gunwale seating.
The contract saw the A&P team designing and fabricating new bight slot coamings, hatch covers for all four cable tanks and new cable track ways, as well as installing the cable laying equipment.
The guidelines address various features of vessel (ship) accessibility and include provisions for onboard routes, vertical access between decks, doorways and coamings, toilet rooms, guest rooms, alarm systems, and other spaces and elements used by passengers.
Project manager Mike Wappett said the Arco Beck had undergone the removal and renewal of 50 tonnes of steel around the hopper, coamings and the main deck.
One country might require coamings to be on a certain deck or section of the ship, while another might not.