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n.1.(Anat.) The union or articulation of bones to form a joint.
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He further demonstrates that the process of palatalization of alveolars and consonants with palatal coarticulation is virtually 100% productive in Hausa.
In can't, by contrast, the [n] is strongly attenuated by coarticulation with the [t]; accordingly, a strong nasal quality is perceived reverberating in the preceding vowel.
Likewise, I will address the control mechanisms underlying the coordination of different parts of the oral cavity, as well as the phenomenon of coarticulation.
It was also assumed that coarticulation effects are straightforward and can be easily learned by a machine as well.
To be very simple about it: There's a Gesamtkunstwerk model, one of combination; and a differential model, one of coarticulation.
Cross-modal discrepancies in coarticulation and the integration of speech information: the McGurk effect with mismatched vowels.
Two new monographs specifically address issues of the public sphere in Revolutionary and early Republican Anglo-America, revising or enhancing Warner's emphasis on the coarticulation of print with democracy and the public sphere: Trish Loughran's The Republic in Print, and Catherine O'Donnel Kaplan's Men of Letters in the Early Republic.
Each vowel context had a slightly different contact region based on normal contact patterns and was used to encourage appropriate coarticulation.
In human speech, collocations act as prosodic units and are subject to a higher degree of reduction and internal coarticulation than they would be had they been ordinary, separate words.
10) A discussion of the specific differences caused by coarticulation is beyond the scope of this article, but the knowledge that such variations exist serves to support the importance of teaching the vowel system of the target language in second language instruction programs.
internal processes within language, such as simplification, coarticulation, and assimilation), this approach argues that cross-linguistic variation in CV usage is, above all, environmentally sensitive.
This kind of coarticulation is easy to achieve only if the vowel is back, hence the strong retracting effect of non-prevocalic [[?