Pseudotsuga menziesii

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Noun1.Pseudotsuga menziesii - lofty douglas fir of northwestern North America having short needles and egg-shaped conesPseudotsuga menziesii - lofty douglas fir of northwestern North America having short needles and egg-shaped cones
douglas fir - tall evergreen timber tree of western North America having resinous wood and short needles
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Coast redwood Height: 349' Tree Circumference: 845" Coast Douglas-fir Height: 281' Tree Circumference: 505" Common baldcypress Height: 96' Tree Circumference: 647" Saguaro Height: 54' Tree Circumference: 83" Mexican-buckeye Height: 9' Crown Spread: 16' Person Height: 5'5"
The researcher studied the Soil disturbance and 10-year growth response of coast Douglas-fir on nontilled and tilled skid trails in the Oregon Cascades and Four and 5 years after skidding, rut depths averaged 15 cm below the original soil surface; mean fine-soil bulk density (0-30 cm depth) below ruts of nontilled trails exceeded that on logged-only portions by 14%.
The 15 biggest species in the country, from the 1321-point giant sequoia to the 659-point sugar pine, have the same champions and rankings as in 2008, except for the new Coast Douglas-fir in Washington with a total of 804 points.
Assessing the effects of silvicultural practices on product quality and value of coast Douglas-fir trees.
The giant sequoia, coast redwood, western redcedar, Sitka spruce, and coast Douglas-fir all retained their positions in the top five.
The average MOE of the Twin Cities material was slightly less than that of Coast Douglas-fir, but was slightly greater than the average values for Interior West and Interior North.