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coast guard

also Coast Guard
n. Abbr. CG
1. The branch of a nation's armed forces that is responsible for coastal defense, protection of life and property at sea, and enforcement of customs, immigration, and navigation laws.
2. A member of a coast guard.

Coast′ Guard`

1. a U.S. military service charged with enforcing maritime laws, saving lives and property at sea, etc., and which in wartime may augment the navy.
2. (l.c.) any similar organization for aiding navigation, preventing smuggling, etc.
3. (l.c.) Also called coastguardsman. a member of any such organization.
pobřežní hlídka
obalna straža
해안 경비대
biên phòng bờ biển

Coast Guard

خَفَر السَوَاحِل pobřežní hlídka kystvagt Küstenwache ακτοφυλακή guardacostas rannikkovartiosto garde-côte obalna straža guardia costiera 沿岸警備隊 해안 경비대 kustwacht kystvakt straż przybrzeżna guarda costeira береговая охрана kustbevakning หน่วยรักษาการณ์ตามชายฝั่งทะเล sahil koruma görevlisi biên phòng bờ biển 海岸警卫队
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If you count the major maritime nations of the world and their navies and coast guards, we are 39 out of 41 in terms of having the oldest fleet on this planet," he said.
As a result, he said, the Coast Guard has had to institute operational flight restrictions to maintain safety.
The Deepwater Program will broaden the service's security assistance options across the board, opening up new possibilities for the sale of both new construction assets, cutters, boats, aircraft, and systems, and current surface platforms, as well as fostering a new level of interoperability between the Coast Guard and foreign navies and coast guards around the world.
and Canadian Coast Guards and joint regulations are expected to be issued by these organizations in November.
China can amass more ships and men and loiter for longer periods than rival coast guards, he said.
GWADAR -- At least 18 persons including 6 coast guards sustained severe injuries here in the area of Karbut when the coast guard van overturned here on Saturday.
The Coast Guard shall, while carrying out its law enforcement and other
Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Academy Graduation, April 14, 2004.
Coast Guard has heightened the designated security level at the harbor complex.
Why fishermen who used to welcome the Coast Guard have started to dread it.
Rittichier became the first Coast Guardsman killed in action in Southeast Asia and the only Coast Guard serviceman who was unaccounted for in Vietnam.

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