coast guard

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coast guard

also Coast Guard
n. Abbr. CG
1. The branch of a nation's armed forces that is responsible for coastal defense, protection of life and property at sea, and enforcement of customs, immigration, and navigation laws.
2. A member of a coast guard.

Coast′ Guard`

1. a U.S. military service charged with enforcing maritime laws, saving lives and property at sea, etc., and which in wartime may augment the navy.
2. (l.c.) any similar organization for aiding navigation, preventing smuggling, etc.
3. (l.c.) Also called coastguardsman. a member of any such organization.
pobřežní hlídka
obalna straža
해안 경비대
biên phòng bờ biển

Coast Guard

خَفَر السَوَاحِل pobřežní hlídka kystvagt Küstenwache ακτοφυλακή guardacostas rannikkovartiosto garde-côte obalna straža guardia costiera 沿岸警備隊 해안 경비대 kustwacht kystvakt straż przybrzeżna guarda costeira береговая охрана kustbevakning หน่วยรักษาการณ์ตามชายฝั่งทะเล sahil koruma görevlisi biên phòng bờ biển 海岸警卫队
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The coastgaurd confirmed that only 180 have been rescued.
A man onboard a 17-foot speedboat called Holyhead coastgaurd for help after running out of fuel at about 6pm yesterday.
The coastgaurd was there very quickly to get the men out of the water.
The Garda Water Support Unit and Irish Coastgaurd scoured the harbour for his body but were forced to give up when the light faded.
The US Coastgaurd said Michael Mankamyer's bulk acted like a flotation device in 2007.
The coastgaurd said the group, aged 65, 59, 43 and 15 years, had been in the water for about two hours and were all suffering from hypothermia.
HEATED debate in the bar about the police, coastgaurd and ambulances activity the night before.
A Coastgaurd helicopter also attended but the pilot of the Piper PA-28 and the passengers were already dead.